Truck tailer brake pads, Heavy duty commecial vehicle disc pads powertech brakes manufacturer and facotry

Truck Trailer Brake pads

air disc brake pads for truck trailer axle buses.

Air Disc Brake pads

Industrial Disc Brake Pads

Semi-Metallic brake pads

Japanese Car Brake Pads

disc Brake Pad Suppliers-Euro Car Parts OE/OEM Manufacturer& Factory in China Ceramic brake pads China disc brake pad OE/OEM manufacture factory supplier Powertech Auto Parts

Euro Car Brake Pads

disc Brake Pad Suppliers-Euro Car Parts OE/OEM Manufacturer& Factory in China less-Metallic powertech auto parts

Korean Disc Brake Pads

disc Brake Pad Suppliers-Euro Car Parts OE/OEM Manufacturer& Factory in China metallic brake pad, PV passenger vehicle disc brake pads, China brake pads factory manufacturer supplier

American Disc Brake Pads

drum brake shoes with linings, brake lining for truck and trail, axle.

Brake Shoes with linings

heavy duty, light duty, CV, truck trailer busDrum brake lining ECER90 certification E mark, manufacturer factory supplier China, Powertech auto parts, truck brak lining for VOLVE, MERCERDES BENZE, SCANIA,

Drum Brake linings

brake lining, bare brake shoes, drum brake metal works welding brake shoes China drum brake shoes, brake lining with ECE 90R manufactuer factory Supplier - powertech auto parts

Axle Brake linings

heavy duty truck trailer disc clutch, disc face, face clutch. POWERTECH China best Clutch factory Chinese manufacturer

Disc Clutch

Heavy duty commercial vehicle CV truck trailer brake shoes, Drum brake shoes with lining assembled, hardware kits complete brake shoes with lining. China supplier OE/ OEM brake shoes, brake lining factory supplier manufactuer

Truck Trailer Brake Shoes

truck trailer bare, brake shoes, drum brake shoes core, powertechbrakes brake shoes OE OEM manufacturer factory

Bare Drum Brake Shoes

cast iron brake shoes core powertechbrakes best cast iron drum brake shoes supplier in China

Cast Iron Brake Shoes

PV brake shoes, Car brake shoes, automotive drum brake shoes China brake shoes supplier, manufacturer, distributor

PV Brake Shoes

brake pads fitting kits, brake pad repair kits, brake pads hardware for commecial vehicle, truck trailer disc pads.

Brake Pad Fitting Kits

Heavy ducty commercial vehicle truck trailer drum brake shoes hardware kits, accessories, repair kits, fitting kits.China OE OEM aftermarket hardware manufacturer factory supplier

Drum Brake Shoes Kits

Disc brake pads shims , car brake pads shimes china brake pads accessories suppllier, facotory, manufacturer

Brake Pad Shims

wear indicator, sensor, guide, piston accessories brake pads accessories, repair kits, brake pads hardware kits, OE after market factory, supplier, manufacturer China

Brake Pads Accessories

China Truck trailer brake parts Manufacturer and supplier

POWERTECH is a leading brake parts manufacturer and supplier in China. Supply brake pad, brake shoes, brake lining, disc rotor, brake pad shim, hardware kits and accessories for trucks, trailers and cars. Such as brake pads repair kits, fitting kits, brake shoes hardware and kits, wear indicator, sensor, guide,piston etc. Powertech brakes can provide you one stop supply.

Powertech has been operating in the market for over 20 years. Initially we focused on the manufacture of passenger vehicle brake pads. With time, we extended our range by truck brake pads, and later for brake linings, brake shoes. We are present in many international markets, constantly expanding our range of operations and strengthening our market position. Now we have been exported to Europe, Africa, Middle East, North America, South America.

Friction Formula | Emark ECE R90 Certification

Regarding disc brake pads and drum brake linings, we have tens of formulas for different markets requirement. Most parts are Emark ECE R90 approved. There are 4 main formulas: metallic, semi-metallic, ceremic, NAO.

POWERTECH brake parts cover almost all the truck, trailer and car’s brands, such as: trucks (Mercedes Benz, Man, Volvo, Daf, Scania, Iveco and Renault.), trailers(BPW, Fuwa, Fruehauf, York, Saf etc), cars(Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Renault, Ferrari, Volvo, Buick, Kia, Hyundai)

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