SK9 SAF 420X200

Supply SK3 SAF300X200 OE343436500/3054012901 SAF Ball Type Kits Brake Shoes with lining SJ22/23 WVA19515/19516. Bare brake shoes OE 3054012901/3055012901. Hardware repair kits:KLTH0421
E Mark ECE R90 homologated.

MOQ: 50 sets
FOB China
Estimated delivery:30-60 days

60-Days Protection

2 Years warranty

24/7 Service

2 Years warranty


2 Years warranty

Products Description


O E  : 343436500 lined brake shoes with full repair kits SK3 SAF300X200
O E  : 3054012901/3055012901 bare brake shoes SAF 300X200
WVA :19515/19516 Brake Linings
BMFC:SJ22/23 Brake Linings
Ball Type Kits: Hardware repair kits:KLTH0421

China BEST Disc Brake Pad Manufacturer & Factory & Supplier

POWERTECH is one of the best disc brake pad manufacturers, factories and suppliers in China for 20 years. POWERTECH specialized in heavy duty disc brake pads, drum brake shoes, brake linning, hardware kit for trucks, trailers and cars.  The annual production capacity of more than 1 million sets.

China BEST disc brake pads and drum brake shoes, brake lining manufacturer and supplier-Powertech auto parts

Company is a leading OEM disc brake pads manufacturer and supplier in China, had acquired Emark ECE 90R and IATF16949 quality management system since 2003. Every process is under the guidance of the quality system to ensure stable quality.

Why Choose POWERTECH Disc Brake Pads

  • Friction Experience: More than 20 years disc brake pad manufacturing experience
  • Capacity : 133,300M2 / Annual capacity 5 Million sets
  • IATF 16949 since 2003
  • Emark ECE R90 Since year 2012
  • R & D Center–develop different formulas for different markets
  • Quality & Delivery Stable quality and on-time delivery
  • Test and Production: Advanced test lab and production equipment 
  • Service 24/7 service on all your customized requirements

advanced test equipment-China best disc brake pads, brake lining, manufacturer, supplier and factory advanced production equipments-China best disc brake pads, brake lining, manufacturer, supplier and factory

Regarding the disc brake pads, we can supply you truck & trailer brake pads, air disc brake pads, car disc brake pads and industry disc brake pads.

Our Service: 1. Stable production ability and perfect after-sale service/tracking system 2. Free sample available, small order accepted to meet our new customers’ need.  3. On-time delivery. 4.  24 hours service. 5. Products can be made based on your samples. 

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